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Some stores did not wait for the year to install terminals for use by their employees AND their customers. Since JCPenney stores have implemented intelligent digital devices:

Find more than 120 select stores across the country.

Shop at to get a discount.

Interestingly, the company had already connected stocks all platforms store management to its website, JCPenney is an American department store chain in the United States, this represents more than 1,000 stores connected to the system’s website

jcpenney digital store

J.C.Penney, nearly two years of the intelligent digital store

The investment enabled us to view the inventory online when a product is no longer in stock in the stores. As the new revolution in online shopping, they had launched a digital store.

Satisfaction studies (here) have shown that related to benefiting from JCPenney service a customer is twice as likely to say that he is very satisfied with his visit.

Since February, this service is left to reach the customer via digital interactive touch panels. Employees can use this to check their paystub details.

In addition, as part of the launch of its concept “Modern Bride”, the company rolled out an experiment using the iPad for 50 of its departments Jewelry, and Jcpenney cook appliances.

Beyond the search service availability, the device offers various interactive services to its customers:

  • – A search criteria: color, material, price, category.
  • – The Little Red Book is an interactive experience with the latest trends for women of the season.
  • – The availability of products in JCPenney stores around.
  • – The use of 360-degree views and zoom to see all details of a product.

    A bar code recognition: by scanning the barcode the consumer can go further advice and recommendations on the product (AOS features, other colors and sizes available, and the washing instructions).

    Related products (collectively, outfits, accessories …) are also available to the customer.
  • – It is possible to add handpicked clothing online virtual dressing, which can be shared on social networks.

    The customer can then print a page listing the items, locate them in the store, and try them.
  • – The purchase and sending home its products through the device is also possible.

Along with this, there are several employee benefits for JCPenney associates.

In addition, customers can also print a receipt and purchase an item online at a registered store, with the rest of their in-store purchases.

JCPenney has anticipated the shift to digital in-store is thus benefits from several years of tests and attempts to provide a device thought today close to consumer needs and constantly adapted.

Save Money and Shop Online

Online shopping is becoming just as popular as traditional retail shopping, offering a simple and convenient way to save consumers both time and money.

With more and more customers shopping online retailers realize that their competition is merely a single click away and sometimes offer online-only deals to remain on top.

With thousands of retailers offering products over the Internet, it can seem overwhelming when searching for a deal.

With little diligence and patience finding a great deal is only a click away.

Also, read more about JCPenney employee kiosk services and benefits.

E-mail Newsletters

Consider signing up for the e-mail newsletter of some of the top retailers.

These weekly and bi-weekly mailings give its readers exclusive details on great upcoming sales and events that are oftentimes not advertised elsewhere.

From extra discounts to free shipping, these are excellent ways to save when shopping online. Former associates still receive offers so that they could make use of them.

Coupon Codes

Visit coupon sites that offer valuable coupon codes for upcoming purchases.

These mega-sites offer a variety of discounts including JCPenney coupons as well as Macy’s coupons or the occasional Nordstrom coupon, just to name a few.

Some retailer shopping sites even allow customers to enter multiple coupon codes for a single purchase. So that the customers save a lot of money with the purchase.

Re-Sale and Bargain Sites

Many popular re-sale and bargain sites offer the convenience of thousands of garage sale-style listings all in one; although all the products they offer are not second-hand.

These sites also allow customers to bid on their favorite products and oftentimes the customer walks away paying a price much less than retail.

Social Networking Sites

Social networking sites have evolved into excellent advertisers.

Many of these sites offer discounts exclusive to “friends” of these sites.

Consider “befriending” a major retailer to be notified of upcoming deals offered on their products.

Employees had to access JCP jtime option under their associate portal to view their weekly work shift timings.

Making Comparisons

Search engines are helpful for comparison shopping.

After entering the product name into a search engine it will return hundreds, sometimes even thousands of listings.

Consumers use these listings to find the best price for their product of choice.


Shopping online offers consumers the benefit of upfront and honest reviews.

Unlike traditional retail shopping, the customer is fully aware of the flaws and benefits of the product before their purchase.

This saves the customers the added expense of purchasing a product that may not fit their needs.

Cash Back Sites

Various websites offer cash-back incentive programs to their members.

After signing up for these sites, anytime the customer makes a purchase from member sites a percentage of that transaction is deposited into a cash-back account.

Over time, these accounts build in value saving the consumer cash.

Some also assist with tax-deferred school savings accounts.

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