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JCPenney COOKS is the best value in the market for high-quality products, innovative design, and all the features you need to make every dish a success.

On these pages and our website, you’ll find all your favorite brands, including KitchenAid, Krups, Bunn, Henckels, Emerilware, Le Creuset, our new Cooks brand, and many more.

You’ll also find the latest gadgets and gizmos to satisfy the cooking fanatic in you.

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JCPenney COOKS Appliance

In this article, you can check the quality of products available at the offer price.

Some of the categories of products available are listed below:

JCPenney COOKS – helping you achieve greatness in the kitchen.

Shop for essential cook appliances at the desired location –


The small appliances in our cook’s collection feature a wide variety of brand names and unique features.

Start the day off with an invigorating cup of coffee with quality coffee makers, electric percolators, espresso makers, and professional coffee mills.

Our toasters and toaster ovens highlight a versatile selection of small kitchen appliances that fill every cooking need.

Shop for high-tech toasters, toaster ovens, and convenient all-in-one toaster ovens with multiple cooking options.

JCP KIOSK app is specially used by the employees.

Home maintenance is made easy with our brand-name vacuum cleaners and steam cleaners.

Choose from efficient bagless uprights, cordless sweepers, and an assortment of professional streamers.

Discover quality small kitchen appliances and home maintenance products from the JCPenney Cook’s collection.


Our professional bakeware products combine old-world charm with modern durability.

Shop for versatile bakeware sets featuring ceramic, aluminum, aluminum-clad carbon steel, and durable silicone.

Enjoy bakeware sets with a variety of sheets, pans, bakers, and ramekins.

The cook’s bakeware collection includes unique bundt pans, cake pans, pie pans, and muffin pans for perfect creations every time.

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Find professional mixers and accessories that will take your recipes to a new level.

Innovative stand mixers, steel mixing bowls, and unique mixer attachments allow for unrivaled flexibility.

You’ll also discover pancake makers, waffle makers, and electric griddles for authentic breakfast and gourmet dishes.

Brand Shops

Shop for brand-name kitchen products from the J.C.Penney cooks collection for unrivaled quality and variety.

You’ll discover such popular brands as Hamilton Beach, KitchenAid, Lenox, Cuisinart, Chef’s Choice, and our JCPenney cooks line.

Enjoy the unique colors and durable designs of the small appliances from Hamilton Beach.

Discover a mix of vintage style and modern technology with the kitchen appliances and cookware from KitchenAid.

Give every meal an elegant accent with the flatware and dinnerware from Lenox.

From small appliances to kitchen gadgets, the JCPenney brand shops have the quality names that you trust. Also, read more on JCP KIOSK for employees.

Cooks Brand

Our JCPenney cooks collection touches on all of the kitchen essentials. You’ll find quality bakeware, cookware, small electrics, and more in sleek designs and a variety of color options.

The JCPenney cooks bakeware line includes durable pie pans, cake pans, cookie sheets, and muffin tins in aluminum-clad carbon steel and flexible silicone.

Discover cooks cookware in anodized aluminum and stainless steel featuring sauté pans, stockpots, fryers, skillets, and more available in individual pieces and convenient sets.

Our small electrical line has toasters, coffee makers, and microwave ovens in dynamic colors and styles. You’ll also find cutlery, flatware, and sale items for an entire kitchen of stylish, high-quality kitchen tools.


Shop for cookware both elegant and durable in the JCPenney cooks collection.

You’ll find popular brand names including KitchenAid, Farberware, Le Creuset, Circulon, and cooks; our line of quality cookware.

Choose from a variety of cookware materials; find aluminum, cast iron, hard anodized, and stainless steel cookware.

The JCPenney cooks collection features an elegant assortment of individual cookware and cookware sets.

You’ll also enjoy classic and contemporary designs, dynamic colors, and unique features that make cooking easier.


Find durable cutlery and kitchen knives in the JCPenney cooks collection.

You’ll find a great selection of brand-name cutlery from Henckels, KitchenAid, and JCPenney cooks.

Shop for individual kitchen knives and cutlery sets featuring precision-honed Santoku knives, paring knives, bread knives, utility knives, carving knives, and more.

Make sure that your knives stay sharp with a wide variety of electric knife sharpeners; find quality sharpeners from Chef’s Choice and Waring.

The JCPenney cooks collection also features elegant knife block sets with superior cutlery and convenient bonus tools such as shears and sharpeners.


Discover stylish kitchen furniture and dining room furniture from the JCPenney cooks collection.

Enjoy a wide variety of kitchen furniture including bar stools for convenient seating anywhere in the home.

Our dining room furniture includes elegant buffets and racks for storing and displaying dinnerware and other essentials.

Kitchen carts are efficient space savors; find functional cuisine carts, kitchen islands, modular centers, and more.

Shop for an assortment of kitchen chairs and chair cushions available individually and in convenient sets.

You’ll also find the dining room and kitchen tables in classic and contemporary designs perfect for any decor.

Kitchen Gadgets

Our kitchen gadget collection features an assortment of essential tools for restaurant-quality cooking.

You’ll find an inexpensive line of kitchen utensils including spatula sets, food choppers, and timers for $19.99 or less.

Discover durable baking and countertop kitchen gadgets that make food preparation simple and fun.

The cook’s collection of cutlery tools will ensure that kitchen knife and cutting implements stay razor-sharp.

Essential kitchen gadgets like our slicers and graters offer superior quality and unique features.

The cook’s collection also includes a variety of spice racks and specialty kitchen utensils for a wide range of quality culinary products.

Small Electrics

Shop for small electric and kitchen appliances from the cook’s collection for high-quality products and innovative design.

Find state-of-the-art deep fryers that offer compact convenience and unique features for perfect fried dishes.

Our food processors include mini chopper/grinders, classic blenders, drink mixers, juicing machines, and a wide selection of durable processors.

JTime app shows the employee’s work schedules, shift timings, and change requests.

Mixers are essential small electrics for the kitchen; enjoy standing blenders, hand mixers, and a variety of mixing accessories.

You’ll also find such kitchen appliance essentials as grills and griddles, slow cookers, steamers, and specialty electrics for all occasions.


JCPenney cooks tableware will add brand-name flair and elegance to every meal.

Shop for a wide selection of flatware from such names Dansk, Lenox, Oneida, Gorham, and Pfaltzgraff.

Makeover your table with elegant table linens featuring distinctive table cloths, runners, placemats, and napkins. JCP associates can be related to the JCPenney employee kiosk.

Brighten dinners with colorful dinnerware sets from Pfaltzgraff; enjoy versatile, microwave-safe earthenware and stoneware pieces in eye-catching designs.

You’ll also find a great selection of brand-name tableware products for parties and entertaining.

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