JTime Launchpad

JTime Launchpad: JCPenney Employees had to check their current week schedules and upcoming week schedules, and shift timings at the JCP JTime tool.

HR Team is responsible for updating the work schedule, shift timings, and paper checks for its associates.

After being updated, the current JCP associates can get instant notification about next week’s schedules, view/check the absence of leave remaining, swap shift requests, and other employment news and company updates from JCPenney KIOSK.

For more details about the JCPenney associate kiosk, do check out our homepage for detailed instructions on how to view paystubs, work schedules, tax filing, w2 form updates, and more.


JCPenney JTime Launchpad Login

jtime launchpad

UPDATE: JTime Launchpad Login became a part of JCPenney associate kiosk.

To access JCPenney Jtime Launchpad, Visit www.jcpassociates.com, and log in to JCP KIOSK.

JTime Launchpad

My JTime

As a part of the work management tool, JCP former associate kiosk is requested to check their upcoming week’s work schedules at the My JTIME login section which can be found on the KIOSK Employee Dashboard.

A year back, JCP used the JCP JTIME as a separate tool so that the JCP Employees can access it easily.

My JTime

JTime Login

JCP Associate Employees can able to access JTime login only after validating their employee email id/username and password at www.jcpassociates.com.

This procedure is mandatory because the JTime option is moved to the Associate KIOSK portal. Earlier JCPenney JTIME was used to be an independent application.

JTime Login

JCPenney JTime

To manage work schedules effectively, JCPenney had to work with a platform that should help employees to access, and maintain their weekly schedules effectively.

Thus, They named their work schedule tool, JCPenney JTIME which symbolically represents company employees’ work timings.

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